About us

Creatively celebrating ‘all things names’


We exist to celebrate and share the richness of peoples’ names and their interpreted meanings, uniquely, through beautifully crafted and bespoke expressions of art.

Mission statement

To celebrate the wonder of humanity worldwide, in a unique and bespoke way, one name at a time.

Genesis – How it all began

The founders have always been keen on names and their meanings, always looking for the literal, extended and sometimes hidden meanings of names. We then had an idea of celebrating and sharing this with friends and this was the beginning of the journey. Over time, from these initial musings, the idea of creating picture frames came about. We made a few for family which received very positive and encouraging reviews. We then took the bold step and started spreading the word of what we do, sounding people out. Our first commercial order was from a friend who wanted a special birthday gift for her husband. And the rest, as they say, is history. We are still evolving…

Unique Selling Point

Each name frame we create is unique. No two are ever the same. They are each beautifully designed, lovingly crafted and tailored specifically with the individual in mind.


Passion – We are passionate about peoples’ names and all they represent. We are driven by this desire to be the best at what we do.
Creativity – We aim to be at our creative best with every product we make
Integrity – To the best of our ability we will always do what is right when we research, interpret and explain names and their meanings


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